Third party liability insurance for motor vehicle owners DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE caused, for example, by leakage of chemicals from burning lithium-ion batteries!

Additional insurance is necessary!

A few days ago, there was a tragic accident on the A2 highway in Germany, in which lithium-ion batteries transported in a truck burned down, which led to environmental contamination.

Please remember that in accordance with Art. 38 section 1 point 4 of the Act of May 22, 2003 on compulsory insurance, UFG and PBUK, insurance company is not liable for damages: consisting in pollution or contamination of the environment, e.g. when soil is contaminated as a result of diesel fuel leaking from a car's fuel tank. This means that the vehicle owner's third party liability insurance policy does not financially protect the carrier against such damage and he must repair it out of his own pocket.

The costs of removing, neutralizing or cleaning the soil from pollutants can run into the tens of thousands or even more hundreds of thousands of zlotys/euros. These costs result from, among others: the need to remove contaminated soil with vehicles intended for the transport of hazardous materials, fill the excavation with clean soil and microorganisms supporting the decomposition of petroleum substances, monitor contamination by the appropriate services, etc.

Galicja Brokers offers environmental liability insurance, protecting against the above-mentioned events.

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