We provide comprehensive insurance for transport, service and production companies with a very wide range of protection

If you are an entrepreneur, you run a transport, service, production or construction activity, you have a fleet of transport vehicles, delivery vans, construction vehicles, a machine park, buildings, you employ employees or you run a high-risk activity - we will provide your company with comprehensive insurance and legal protection tailored to individual needs . 

we guarantee

Your insurance will protect you in the most difficult situations.

  1. We will develop a comprehensive insurance program for your company.
  2. We will analyze the offers of insurance companies and choose the best one for you.
  3. We will negotiate favorable contract terms with the insurer, including protective clauses, e.g. due to gross negligence, incorrectly secured load, driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.) and low insurance prices.
  4. We will ensure the performance of concluded insurance contracts.
  5. We monitor premium payment dates and record policies.
  6. We terminate insurance contracts.
  7. We carry out refunds of contributions.
  8. We will negotiate with leasing companies the possibility of self-insurance.
  9. We will liquidate your damage so that you receive the compensation you deserve.
Our offer

We provide insurance with a very wide range of protection

Our guarantee

We offer not only insurance but we also provide a number of preventive measures to reduce the loss ratio


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