We will liquidate your damage free of charge so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Have you or your insurance intermediary incorrectly reported a claim or provided incorrect circumstances of the event, which resulted in the insurer's refusal or limitation of the payment of compensation?!

We provide our Partners with free professional legal assistance provided by legal advisors and experienced liquidators, both in liquidation and court proceedings. Thanks to our knowledge and experience gained in the largest insurance companies in Poland and in court proceedings, you are guaranteed to receive the compensation you deserve. In order to save our clients' valuable time, money and nerves, we negotiate satisfactory settlements with insurers already at the claims settlement stage. One of them exceeded PLN 10,000,000.00 (ten million zlotys).

We have already eliminated 1,000 claims for our clients.

Legal support

We provide professional, free liquidation of motor, property and personal damages.

  1. We liquidate communication, property (including carrier's liability) and personal damages arising in Poland and abroad.
  2. We liquidate foreign claims directly at the place of their occurrence, e.g. in Germany, Italy, France, Spain according to the laws of these countries, which ensures higher compensation. 
  3. We cooperate with independent experts and law firms from Poland and abroad, including Germany, Italy, France, etc. 
  4. We report the damage to the insurer.
  5. We inform you about the status of the claim settlement.
  1. We coordinate vehicle and property inspections.
  2. We verify the amount and correctness of the calculated damage.
  3. We verify the legitimacy of claims directed through foreign insurers.
  4. We lodge appeals and complaints against decisions.
  5. We represent victims before courts.
  6. We supervise enforcement proceedings.

Scheme of the procedure for the circulation of damage documents




Legal support

Unfair practices of insurers and understatement of claims

  1. Use of alternative parts instead of original ones.
  2. Depreciation of spare parts.
  3. Underestimating the rates and rbg for the repair of a vehicle or property.
  4. Unjustified scrapping of the vehicle (total loss) and overestimation of the value of the remains (scrap).
  5. Underestimating the value of the vehicle by applying adjustments.
  1. Unjustified invoking the aggrieved party's gross negligence in order to deny compensation.
  2. Shortening the rental period of a replacement vehicle or lowering the rates.
  3. Unjustified refusal of compensation for damage to goods contrary to contractual provisions and the CMR Convention.
  4. No payment for loss of trade value of the vehicle.
  5. No payment for towing or understatement.
  6. No payment for lost earnings during vehicle downtime.
  7. Compensation for damage to property calculated on the basis of the actual value and not replacement value.

We will eliminate your damage so that you receive maximum compensation

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