Together we can do more

Together, we will develop our companies faster. For this purpose, we provide our Partners with a number of practical and modern solutions to facilitate running a business. We guarantee comprehensive insurance with a wide range of protection and free professional legal assistance at the stage of claim settlement and in court proceedings.

We assure

Modern solutions for companies

  1. We provide comprehensive insurance with a wide range of protection tailored to the individual needs of the company.
  2. We negotiate with insurers favorable contract terms, broad protection clauses and low insurance premiums.
  3. We analyze the offers of insurance companies.
  4. We ensure the performance of concluded insurance contracts.
  5. We monitor premium payment dates and record policies.
  6. We terminate insurance contracts and apply for reimbursement of premiums.
  7. We negotiate with leasing companies the possibility of concluding insurance on their own.  
Damage prevention

We provide a number of beneficial solutions for companies

  1. Free theoretical and practical training for drivers, forwarders and management staff.
  2. Preventive actions aimed at reducing the harmfulness and the prices of policies.
  3. Implementing security in fleets.
  4. Training in liability for damage, including damage to goods in the light of the CMR convention. 
  5. Liquidation of damages that occurred in Poland and abroad.
  6. Verification of claims made by injured parties to our clients.
  7. We reject unfounded claims addressed to our clients, including claims regarding the transported goods based on the CMR Convention.
  8. We recover unjustifiably stopped freight by forwarders.
Our guarantee

We offer insurance with a wide range of protection tailored to the individual needs of the company


Free legal assistance

Preventive actions

for companies

in fleets

Driver training
and forwarders

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