This time over EUR 52,000 for lifting the set in Germany!

German services broke another record for lifting the set, cleaning the highway, etc. This time over EUR 52,000. Paid in Advance. Does your insurance protect you from such events?!

Our client received an invoice for the above-mentioned activities for over EUR 52,000! We took urgent action in this matter, including verifying the invoice with the VBA Tugboat Association (Verband der Bergungs – und Abschleppunternehmen eV) in Germany regarding the validity of the use of a given type and quantity of equipment at the scene of the incident, as well as the number of employees and working time. As it turns out, prices for individual rescue and towing services vary depending on the region and, for example, in Munich and the surrounding area where the accident occurred, this type of services are the most expensive. Prices for individual activities, although very high, were within the average prices for this state. The Association has developed a document that concerns the work methodology, market prices for individual activities, as well as the equipment used in rescue and towing operations, as well as, for example, guidelines on issuing an invoice for actions - what and in what dimensions such an invoice should include. 

Therefore, you must ask yourself whether the policies you have protect you against the above-mentioned events to the full extent!?

We will prepare policies with a very wide scope of protection and help you in settling damage to your vehicle and goods. I encourage you to use the services of Galicja Brokers!

Legal adviser Jerzy Klimkowski