Christmas Eve, wafer, games and caroling with the participation of members of OZPTD, Galicja and miners.

On December 15, 2017, at the Litwiński Hotel in Tęgobórz, a joint Christmas Eve party was once again held with the participation of Galicja Brokers and members of OZPTD, Galicia and miners associations. In a nice atmosphere, with the participation of a regional band, carols, pastorals were sung, danced and wishes were made. Then, together with the miners, the feast continued.
Great fun was combined with a lecture by representatives of Galicja Brokers Ryszard Bednarski and attorney Jerzy Klimkowski on "the scope of the carrier's liability for damage or theft of the transported goods and securing the goods on the vehicle - according to the CMR Convention".



We effectively claim damages from insurance companies before the courts