General Assembly of members of the Polish Association of Road Carriers Galicia

On April 21, 2017, the General Meeting of members of the Polish Association of Road Carriers Galicia was held at the Litwiński Hotel in Tęgobórz. The President of the Management Board, Piotr Litwiński, presented a report on the activities of the Association for 2016, including a financial statement. The chairman of the Supervisory Board, Tomasz Ziaja, presented the activity of the Supervisory Board in 2016. Currently, the Polish Association of Road Carriers Galicia has 100 members. After granting discharge to the Management Board, a heated discussion began on the current situation in transport, including, among others,

  • counteracting the negative effects of the so-called the "9" agreement of the EU country,
  • records of drivers' working time, minimum wage, business trips, lump sums for accommodation,
  • increase in motor insurance prices,
  • fuel import restrictions,
  • launching vocational training for drivers in the absence of over 100,000 professional drivers, etc.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of Galicja Brokers Sp. z o. o., who discussed the tasks of an insurance broker in the face of significant increases in the prices of motor insurance policies and explained the legal intricacies related to claims handling and the carrier's liability for the goods entrusted to him. 



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