On 16.0.2023, a Conference of OZPTD members was held at the "Villa Natura" hotel in Dolsk.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Galicja Brokers. President Ryszard Bednarski gave a smooth speech on the insurer's liability for road clearing costs after a collision of vehicles or as a result of a set burning with the goods. These costs, for example in Germany it is approx. EUR 30,000.

Attorney-at-law Jerzy Klimkowski talked about the driver's responsibility for damage caused by alcohol based on the Labor Code, Civil Code, Penal Code and the Act on Compulsory Insurance.

Moreover, the program of the Conference concerned:

– Effective transport control – a tool to ensure safety and competitiveness conditions – Presentations of the WITD and the District PIP

– Posting of drivers, settlement of working time in road transport and calculation of remuneration, news and planned changes to Polish regulations in this area;

– New technologies in road transport

– Discussion on: Transport as a strategic factor in Europe's security and development.



We effectively claim damages from insurance companies before the courts