How to prepare a company for an ITD inspection - TRAINING 08/04/2016

On April 8, 2016, at the Litwiński hotel in Tęgobórz, we organized training for our Partners in the following areas:

  1. What is the transport manager responsible for?
  2. How to plan and supervise the work of drivers?
  3. When will he escape responsibility and punishment?
  4. How to prepare a company for an ITD inspection?
  5. What procedures and safeguards should be introduced in the company so as not to have problems with losing the certificate of professional competence and good reputation?

You have received exhaustive answers to these questions!

Control of driving time, taking rest and breaks:

  1. Driver's working time - theory and practice;
  2. Access to the place of taking over the vehicle, and daily rest;
  3. Weekly rests - control posts Belgium - France;
  4. The most common mistakes regarding the driver's working time;

 Operation of the digital tachograph driver's duties and responsibilities:

  1. Digital tachograph system - driver's responsibilities
  2. Proper use and use of TC capabilities
  3. Handling, making manual entries, working time control using TC.



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